Weyhill & wharf // MADE IN AMERICA 

Weyhill & Wharf is committed to crafting exceptional garments handcrafted in America by expert artisans. For the highest quality craftsmanship we partnered with one of the nation's oldest operating ready-to-wear shirt manufacturer's.

We were surprised by how many of our favorite 'American' brands outsourced their production. We feel strongly that if you represent yourself as an American brand, you should do your part to support American manufacturing.

Each Preparatory Oxford is handcrafted in a historic New England shirt factory. Thank you for buying American-made.


It took years to select our manufacturing partner. Our shirts are expertly crafted in one of America's most professional, and historic garment factories. The only thing that surpasses the quality of our shirts is the quality of those who are putting them together. Below are a few glimpses into the facility that was founded in 1933 and is on the National Register of Historical Places.  


We are fortunate to have teamed up with one of New York's premier shirtmakers, who singlehandedly provided the quantum leap in both the quality and the design of The Preparatory Oxford. Carl and his team elevated us from good to great. He and his team patiently took time to work with us as we designed iteration after iteration of the the shirt. Their expertise enabled us to move from concept to final product. We continue to rely on his shop for our tactical projects and prototype work.