The Preparatory oxford

In a world where ties are becoming less and less common, Weyhill & Wharf has stepped in and created a new way of wearing a tie - in a classic, American-made oxford cloth button down.  

Inspired by American sporting, social and academic pursuits, Weyhill & Wharf has set out to establish a new standard in American-made button down shirts. The Preparatory Oxford combines two quintessential American wardrobe staples: repp silk necktie designs and oxford cloth button downs. The result of this combination is a distinguished and classic button down that sets you apart. 

Our Patented, Signature W&W Button-Through Collar Detail.

Custom, hand-woven English silk was purposefully selected to give an authentic, timeless feel to each oxford.  Durable 2-ply oxford cotton provides a rugged yet refined structure.  The silk trim ages well and develops a vintage look and feel with every wear and wash.

The Preparatory Oxford offers a new take on your go-to oxford that looks equally distinguished worn under your favorite sweater, blazer or worn on its own. Whether in the field, out at sea, or in the classroom - The Preparatory Oxford offers refinement and subtle differentiation.

Every shirt is designed in New York hand crafted in New England to ensure the highest quality craftsmanship and to do our part in supporting American jobs. 


Weyhill & Wharf gets its name from meaningful childhood locations to its founder. Weyhill is the golf course where he learned the game and enjoyed some of his favorite childhood memories alongside his dad. Wharf is taken from New England, where he spent summers fishing and watching boats in the harbor with his grandfather. 

The Preparatory Oxford in Green x White Wide Repp in Chalk White.

The Preparatory Oxford in Sporting Blue, University Stripe and Chalk White. 

HQ & Manufacturing

Weyhill & Wharf was founded in and is currently based out of New York City. We design all of our shirts here in the city and handcraft our garments in a historic New England Factory that was founded in 1933

Early W&W Concept Sketch (2011).

Early W&W Concept Sketch (2011).

Weyhill & Wharf Made in USA labels.