From our first collaboration with an iconic Nantucket outfitter established in 1945, to offering a classic everyday oxford for your wardrobe rotation, to creating a summer pop-over, Weyhill & Wharf is ready to make you stand out this summer with our patented W&W Collar Tab™


Our first co-label collaboration and we couldn't be more excited. W&W has linked up with legendary Murray's Toggery Shop on Nantucket Island. Murray's Toggery is the iconic island outfitter responsible for bringing the original Nantucket Reds™ into the world. Each of our special Edition ACK oxfords features genuine Nantucket Reds™ canvas and an authentic Murray's label. You won't want to miss out on locking down an ACK this summer! 


Given the success of our trimmed Preparatory Oxfords, we started to receive requests for a everyday 'daily driver' oxford. We took cues from our successful Preparatory Oxford and designed a classic oxford that can handle just about anything you can throw at it. Our patented W&W collar-tab detail is discretely incorporated into each shirt so you are wearing Weyhill & Wharf. Offered in Chalk White, Sporting Blue, University Stripe and Pink.  


A new design for Weyhill & Wharf Summer 2017. One of our new favorites that we hope to see more iterations of soon! A modified oxford ideal for tossing on before heading out to the beach, heading to dinner with friends,  or setting sail for the day. Trimmed with Green x Navy Wide Repp, the trim is non-stabilized on the placket for a relaxed, casual look. W&W collar-tab detail trim is also. Unlike our Preparatory Oxfords we held the trim in the collar band and on the sleeve plackets.